shopping bag

Our love for this part of the world drew us to Cape Town where a renovation project was our first introduction to rubble bags. Here they’re sold in DIY shops to carry construction rubble in, thus they’re really strong. And they look so cool because the print is always different.

Seeing as we were looking for a way to make the world a slightly better place, a bit of a brainstorm lead to the birth of GIVE IT BAG. We came up with a design for the bag, bought an old sewing machine and started stitching like crazy, cutting up bags and washing them - and then we began to look for a more experienced production partner.

Once again the old saying proves right: when good things happen at the right time, they attracts the best possible people - as you can see under PRODUCTION.

A lot of good needs to be done here in Cape Town, which is why we decided to produce everything locally - it’s a way of giving back. And we donate proceeds of our profits to a range of local charity activities that help people in a way that is meaningful to them.